Gun Show 1: Elements


The first Gunshow was at Rebecca Cooper Gallery in Washington D. C.  Photo Credit: Patzi Temples [Ed Zerne on left, David Staton on right]


Pig Gun Drawing [there is a sculpture of this Pig Gun with a holster in a private collection]

“Long Pig Gun”, 1974-76, Walnut, Aluminum & Screws


Drawing of a Stick Gun that was in the Exhibition.


Drawing of a Pig Gun that wasn’t constructed.


Another Gun that wasn’t constructed. [Man Ray References: Gun with Key 37 , The Compass – Magnet, The Man Ray Trust]


“Henry Moore Gun, [Sorry Henry]” original sketch 1974-75, scanned & destroyed, reworked 2005 in CorelDraw & Photoshop [also not constructed] [Henry Moore References: Henry Moore Foundation]


Cubist Gun Drawing [constructed]

“Suffolk Sheep Gun”, 1974-76, Walnut, Oak, Leather, Sheep Skin, Aluminum, Screws, misc. Fittings

Claes Oldenburg References [Ray Gun, Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen Site ]


Some images can be clicked on to see a larger clearer image of the work.

 All work on this site is property of the artist. © 2008 Ed Zerne


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